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About us, Robotic TurnKey Solutions. We use Robots to automate your manufacturing process. We retrofit and service  Desma shoe machines and Diamond Phoenix equipment.
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About Us - Robotic TurnKey Solutions

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Welcome to Robotic TurnKey Solutions

Robots can handle 'almost' everything a human worker can do, only they are more efficient and more precise, plus robots don't require costly health insurance premiums or other taxes and fees. Robots are energy efficient.

By upgrading your industrial automation equipment with robots and/or machine vision you can increase your material handling output significantly.

Have you ever been told you have to pay for a probability study? Well, here at Robotic TurnKey Solutions that process is free and included in your purchase. You know how most other integrators safe money to keep your project on budget? They will use inexpensive lower quality components! Robotic TurnKey Solutions will always use quality components at no extra cost, unless of course you specify a specific manufacturer. Another great approach is the free phone and e-mail service. While some integrators charge you a lot of money to be ‘available’ in case your equipment fails, RTS will take care of you and your equipment for free - that’s right, free (phone and e-mail support). All these little extra things don't cost you a dime and make you look good when your equipment is working properly and producing instead of sitting idle.

Mario was born and raised in Germany, received all his education overseas before coming to America. After mastering electrical and controls engineering goals for 8 years working in the material handling industry, he decided to venture out on his own to start Robotic TurnKey Solutions - an engineering firm that will assist you with your entire automation needs (PLC, HMI, Motion Control, Vision, Bar-coding and Robotics). RTS will work with you to successful plan, install, integrate, program and test your new or old equipment. They will work with you to customize the perfect robotic solution for your company’s automation needs - the One that fits your facility - the One that fits your budget and timeframe. They can upgrade, retro-fit, service and improve your automation equipment no matter what. RTS is offering highly competitive rates.

If you have any questions regarding our services, please do not hesitate to call: 207.513.0912, e-mail us at sales@roboticturnkeysolutions.com or fill out the contact us section.

You can also conveniently reach us on yahoo messenger: mario_krebs1973 or on Skype: MarioKrebs

We'd love to hear from you. Thank you for considering Robotic TurnKey Solutions.

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Why RTS is different:

We offer you free consultation from the minute you present us with an application.
All our equipment is build to your specific needs. All end-of-arm effectors are designed to fit into your application.
We offer full service, full support and training. We also have financing and service plans available.
If you have a possible application but are not sure if robots are the right answer, call our experienced team; we'll help you find your robotic solution. Our team has over 25 years of experience integrating robotics into industrial applications.

A robotic system placed by RTS is fully programmed to your specific application needs.

We are there, start to finish.

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Facts about Robots

* Robots are more affordable than you might think
* Robots have a quick RoI
* Robots work 24/7
* Robots are energy efficient
* Robots increase productivity
* Robots are reliable
* Robots don't make mistakes
* Robots don't take breaks
* Robots don't take vacations
* Robots don't complain
* Robots automate
* Robots revolutionize

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REMEMBER: By upgrading your Manufacturing Equipment with Robots, Retrofit their Controls, Arc Welding Robots and/ or machine vision
from Robotic TurnKey Solutions,
you can increase your material handling output significantly.